Miss Hong Kong 2017 swimming suit show

Ten candidates of Miss Hong Kong 2017 tried on the Tiara with their swimming suits a day before the Miss Hong Kong 2017, held on Sep. 3, 2017 in Hong Kong. The winner Juliette Louie showed her outstanding figure.

Miss Hong Kong was held on Sep.3,2017.

Juliette Louie (left) and Suki Wong(right)

Sandy Leung (left) and Emily Wong (right)

Kelly Ng (left) and Nicole Kam (right)

Boanne Cheung (right)

Juliette Louie

Juliette Louie

Juliette Louie

From left to right: Sandy Leung, Juliette Louie, Emily Wong and Regina Ho

Boanne Cheung (left) and Emily Wong (right)

Regina Ho (left) and Mandy Yau (right)