Brokered by the president, aTajikistan bride got married in misery

Walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress is supposed to be the happiest moment in life for any girl. However, for a wedding in Tajikistan, the bride looked absolutely miserable, as the marriage was ordered by the president himself, and the bride was to marry a poor history teacher that she didn’t even know.

The 23-year old history teacher Saidsho Asrorov married Marjona Hudoidodova last week. The groom smiled all the way, while the bride looked miserable and refused to have eye contact with him, even when their relatives and friends were singing and dancing happily around them. Hudoidodova reportedly only knew she was going to be married 10 days before the event.

This is not just an arranged marriage, but also a political marriage, as Asrorov, a passionate supporter of president Rahmon, had read a poem in praise of him. When Rahmon found out Asrorov was unmarried, he ordered the local ‘matchmaking committee’ to find him a wife, and Hudoidodova was ‘the chosen one’.  

The matchmakers communicated with Hudoidodova’s parents, and they agreed to their daughter marrying Asrorov on the condition that she is allowed to continue to work. Local authorities paid for the wedding – some £1,400 (~US$1838) – as Asrorov comes from a poor family.