A prison for aliens? Have a look at the restricted Area 51 in Nevada, USA

UFO seekers around the world have always believed that the high security military base of Area 51 in Nevada is used to store UFOs and accommodate aliens in captivity. A UFO seeker recently scaled a nearby mountain and used super-telescopic lenses to cover activities there.

As Area 51 and its remote desert environs are listed as highly restrictive military areas, many people are keen to find out its true identity.

Tim Doyle, founder of UFO Seekers on YouTuber, and his wife Tracey, recently mounted the 8,000 m-high Tikaboo Pea and spied on the military base 40 km away with super-telescopic lenses. The video covers all the buildings and vehicular traffic inside the base.

Established in 1955, Area 51 is part of California’s Edwards Military Air Base. It was originally used for test flying Lockheed’s U-2 spy planes, but subsequently used for other purposes, including as a prison for aliens as suggested by UFO seekers.

While old maps clearly showed the location of Area 51, there is no trace of it in newly published maps. Moreover, the name has now been applied to a sub-area of the Nevada underground nuclear test grounds. Rumours also suggest that the area houses a mortuary for alien corpses, and every new president would make a point of visiting it to take a look.