Pug pulled a guilty face but became happy after receiving encouragement

Dogs are active and energetic, but will pull a sorry face if they have done something wrong. A pug dog in the USA showed a sad and remorseful face when he was being scolded by his owner, but became happy again after encouragement.

Bandit the dog looked at his owner Gerald Brazell in shame as Brazell counted his bad habits. Asked if he felt guilty, Bandit dropped his head and seemed sorry. When Brazell told Bandit to look at him, it immediately obeyed his command.

Bandit continued to look ashamed as his owner kept on listing his wrongdoings. Brazell then encouraged Bandit to be a good pug and it instantly recovered from his sadness.

The video was uploaded a few years ago, but has gone viral again. Many commented that the video is encouraging and supportive. “Dogs understand what human say,” they said.