“A Simple Kiss Could Kill”! A girl is paralysed for life after a kiss at birth

The girl from England was attacked by virus after being kissed when she was born, causing paralysis for life.

33-year-old Alicia Brooks from Western York has three children. In 2004, Brooks gave birth to a healthy baby Melody. However, after two weeks, there were blisters on Melody’s body and she was immediately rushed to hospital. The doctor told Brooks that Melody might have caught herpes disease after a kiss, causing damages to the brain which required intensive care.

Melody underwent an intravenous therapy for three months. The doctor told Brooks that Melody might be unable to speak and walk for the rest of her life; luckily she grew into a normal little girl - until the summer of 2008.

The four-year-old Melody started to find it hard to see. After several medical checkups, Melody was found to have a relapse as she reverted back into a baby. She could not talk or walk normally. “She looks emotionless and doesn’t know how to smile. We hope that our girl can come back again,” said Brooks.

To avoid similar ailments affecting other kids, Brooks urges the hospitals to put up warnings of “A Simple Kiss Could Kill.”