After smelling its owner’s stinky feet, the cat freezes

Whenever cats come across strange odors, they will have weird expressions. In Taiwan, a kitten called ‘Kiss’ had a ‘taste’ of its owner’s feet before opening its mouth and ‘froze’ on the spot.

Adopted and timid, Kiss is very close with its owner. Recently, its owner shared a video on social media, showing Kiss smelling his feet. It licked his foot a few times, and suddenly with eyes widened and mouth opened, it ‘froze’ for a few seconds, seemingly to indicate that its master’s foot was stinky.

In fact, its reaction is called flehmen response, a behavior in which an animal curls back its upper lip, inhales with the nostrils and holds this position for several seconds. This is common for cats, as a reflex action when sending the smell to the olfactory sensory organs to determine the various scents.