How great thou “art”? Artist exposed her genitals in front of Mona Lisa

A behavioral artist has stunned fellow museum visitors with an unexpected performance which includes spreading her legs and exposing her private parts in front of the world renowned masterpiece, the Mona Lisa.

The Louvre in France has won hearts and minds across the world, its most famous collection, “Mona Lisa”, has even attracted legions of fans from far and near. Among them is 33-year-old artist, Deborah de Robertis, who has chosen to express her appreciation of art in an unconventional way. She crossed the line separating the painting and the crowd, and attempted to jump onto the wooden furniture in front of the glass case, but was stopped in time by security guards.

The behavioral artist then took off her clothes, and sat on the wooden furniture. She revealed her private parts to the shocked public who were still trying to make sense of what was unfolding before their eyes, and screamed “Mona Lisa, my vagina, my copyright!”

Robertis said her aim was not to display her reproductive organs, but to re-create a classic photo taken by the Austrian artist Valie Export. Choosing to perform in a museum is because of her determination to challenge the status of female artists in art history, she added.

This is not Robertis’ debut of her art of exposure. In June 2014, she exposed her genitals in front of another famous painting called “L’Origine du monde” in the Parisian museum “Musée d'Orsay”, and was taken away by guards and charged with indecent exposure. In January last year, she again took off her clothes in the same museum, and imitated the posture of the naked women in Édouard Manet’s work “Olympia”. She was arrested for indecent exposure in public, which according to her lawyers is a behavioral art performance.