Indonesia policewoman isn't allowed to adopt abandoned baby due to religion

An Indonesia baby was abandoned in a ditch and almost frozen to death. A policewoman wanted to adopt him and gave him a home. This story should have a happy ending until the policewoman was rejected to have the baby due to her religion.

It seemed that a local reporter exposed the story online with the policewoman holding the baby sadly. “I had taken care of all the paperwork for the adoption, asked for legal permission and permission from my hula-hula (brother in Batak culture). When everything was ready, suddenly I was rejected by Binjai Social Service on the grounds that I needed to be of the majority religion,” the policewoman said. 

According to the local law, this unnamed Christian woman cannot adopt a child who is not a Christian and children with unknown origin can only be adopted by people from major religion.  

However, a representative of the Institute on Child Protection insisted the policewoman should obey the law despite netizens decrying the measure. What's worse, the poor baby was still in an orphanage as nobody else adopt him.