Thai woman angrily throws heated soup at vendor just because no bigger wrap-up

A Thai woman in Chiang Mai asked for a big portion of noodle soup, but food stall could not meet her need. It's useless that the food stall worker explained they didn't have any bigger plastic bags for big portion, she throws the heated soup at worker in a second.

The worker Kham Loongtah, 26, suffered burns on neck and chest after the plastic bag burst as it hit her. The woman’s boyfriend apologized and offered to take Kham to the hospital, but she refused help and go to hospital on her own.

Kham said the woman ordered Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao, a rice noodle topped with spicy pork soup, to take away. She asked for more soup with a bigger bag but Kham could not provide what they had not. Then the woman angered by the small bag and threw the heated soup at her.

(File photo of Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao)

Kham didn’t know why the woman was so angry and she didn't hold grudges, but just reported to police and hoped the woman would take responsibility for what she did.