Photos of air hostess from Air China wearing a torn uniform were edited by Photoshop

Two photos showing an air hostess from Air China wearing a torn uniform that exposed her left shoulder have gone viral online. Air China later claimed the photo was edited by Photoshop and it was a prank.

One photo showed that even with her uniform ripped apart, the air hostess was still busy working. Another close-up shot showed her face. Attached comment with the photos was “What kind of job is this? A waitress? A conductor? A security guard or one who has to cop others’ wrath?”

After the photos had gone viral, some netizens said the uniform had been torn off by passengers. They denounced people who behave like this and wished the guy could be blacklisted. They also requested an investigation from the authority.

Air China claimed there was no record of any such incident. The original photos uploaded to a personal social account in social media by an air hostess had been tampered with. Somebody had used Photoshop to edit the photos, creating a prank online.