Korean e-sports player, who used his foot to beat his Chinese counterpart, was banned

Renowned Korean player Larva played StarCraft with his foot during the finals of esports tournament ZOTAC Cup Masters. Facing Chinese player Legend, Larva quickly dominated and started to show off.

He proudly crossed his arms, closed his eyes and lay down. In an attempt to insult his opponent, he even eventually lifted his foot onto the keyboard.

But he won the game with little praise: his opponent Legend criticized his behavior in Weibo, "This is a clown’s performance," he said, labeling his opponent as ‘trash’.

The organizer announced they had not been informed beforehand on Larva’s antics, and would ban him from joining any other sponsored e-sports competitions. Larva said the news was depressing and he would be spending the next few hours trying to clarify the matter.