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Curvy model looked for Scottish dating man online and netizens were crazy

A Swedish hot model has captured almost two million fans on social media thanks to her curvaceous figure and eye-popping face. Therefore, she was besieged online when she looked for a Scottish man to date.

Ines Helene tweeted to search for the suitable man and she wrote:  'I want a Scottish man to take me on a date and talk to me in Scottish and laugh at my witty banter in a Scottish laugh then make out with me.'

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of replies flooded in with enthusiasm and some men could wait to write in Scotish for a greater chance.  'Right no problem darling. Edinburgh Castle 8pm tonight. I'll be the one in the kilt.' 'Ya dancer ye, far do we sign hen?'


However, this tempting offer was reportedly canceled because Ines deleted the tweet later after she found there were so many replies.