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Holding lavish and erotic parities, tobacco tycoon was praised gentleman

Australian tobacco tycoon Travers ‘Candyman’  Beynon is famous for his decadent life filled with bikini beauties and alcohols. But a model and DJ Brooke Evers who join his recent party praised  Beynon was a man of legend and a gentleman.

Travers Beynon and model Brooke Evers.

Travers Beynon and model Brooke Evers.

Themed as ‘Freaks Unleashed’, the party had guests who cosplayed and ladies wearing bikini only. The performances were fabulous and lavish as any large-scale concert. Evers praised the arrangement, saying that the performers were professional and the show had been meticulously planned. She believed it was better than those held in The Playboy Mansion.

However, as neighbors complained about the noise of the party, the police required Beynon to finish the party before nine thirty at night. Evers said Beynon didn't want to let the guests down, so he gave everyone a headphone in order to continue partying in a silent environment.

Beynon is a celebrity in Australia, famous for holding wild parties. The bulk of his guests are pretty ladies who are dressed in swimming suits only. He hosts his parties at the 3.7 million-US dollar mansion where he lives with his 26-year-old wife Taesha and their four children.

Although Beynon always invites a bevy of ladies home, it seems Taesha doesn't mind at all. Though Beynon’s life may be labeled decadent, he is praised as a gentleman among socialites.

Evers said Beynon was a man of legend and a gentleman. “He respects women and treats everyone in a nice way. We have great fun with him,” she said. “He even set up the party rule that men have to give precedence to women because he is afraid that women will be harmed unnecessarily.”

After inheriting his parents' tobacco business, Beynon's personal gross assets are over 50 million US dollars. He was good at sports when he was a child, belonging to a team in the Australian rugby Super league. He retired due to the injury of his back in 1989. He then got married to the winner of Miss World pageant in 1991 but divorced later. He then married again to his current wife Taesha.

Taesha’s grandparents condemn Beynon’s lifestyle and questioned if their children can grow up in a healthy way under such an environment. However, Beynon soon posted a family photo on social media commenting that “It is an amazing gathering. I treasure my kids and family.”