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Adorable footage records warming relationship between humans and pets

An online video captured a 16-month-old baby girl, Lucy Raper, "drowned" by a pile of lovely puppies which they tried to get her biscuit on the hand.

The moment was captured by the baby's mother, Natalie, who said she was happy to see her daughter was gently bowled over by the pets. 

Video screencap

Natalie, from Hartlepool, County Durham, said, "I'm so glad we managed to get the video, it was so funny. All the puppies just piled on top of Lucy and knocked her back so she disappeared underneath them."

"It was a proper puppy pile-on and Lucy was in her absolute element. She loves the puppies, she is never happier than when she is with them," she said.

Video screencap

Ms Raper said Lucy loves spending time playing with the puppies and crawls into their pen every morning.

She added, "She (Lucy) is always in there playing and having cuddles. Now the pups have got their little teeth coming in they like to hang off her baby grow."

Video screencap

Raper expects Lucy will know how to respects animals as she connects animals at her very young age. 

"Because she was grown up around the dogs and the pups she really respects animals at such a young age, it's brilliant." said the mum.