Young woman pushed down train track and crushed to death

A young woman from Romania was pushed down on the metro track and crushed by the train, miserably dead. The perpetrator even kicked her off when she struggled to climb up. 

Alina Ciucu, 25, a waitress was killed on December 12, in Bucharest's Gara de Nord station Passengers initially believed the young woman had committed suicide but the CCTV footage recreated the terrified murder scene.  Ciucu was attacked and pushed down the metro track.

She did try to climb back to the platform but was cruelly kicked off. The poor woman was crushed by the charging train a second later.

The suspected woman was arrested overnight.She told officers she did not have a home and often slept overnight. Police said the suspect admitted that she was the person in the CCTV images. 

It is alleged the suspect had tried to attack another woman at a different subway station earlier that day but failed. However, the twisted suspect didn't know both victims and officers believe she may be mentally ill.