Man and family booted out of village after locals heard anguish bleats and caught him raping a pregnant goat

One cannot help but wonder how perverted one has to be to commit such an act!

A man in Nigeria was caught assaulting a pregnant goat and was handed to the authorities by villagers, who, together with his family, was in turn ousted from the village. Locals pointed out that it was not his first time and accused him of being a serial pervert.

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He was found out as locals looked for the source of anguished yet odd bleats in a small village in the south of Nigeria. Shina Rambo, 20, was having intercourse with the animal when villagers forced the door open.

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Captors took Rambo and the goat to the authorities, and called upon other villagers, together with the community leader to hand out their justice. Family of Rambo arrived soon after. Villagers said he had committed similar assaults before in other villages, but was left alone only out of respect for his father in the community. The village had requested the Rambo family to leave and move elsewhere.

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