Woman was raped on the street but passerby just watched and refused to offer help

It is no doubt that raper should be punished. Those unwilling to help are also abominable.

The man tried to rape the woman on the street./Online Photo

A woman in Meizhou municipality, Guangdong province, China, was raped by a man on the street. Instead of offering help to the woman, people surrounded took out their phones to shoot video. 

Online Photo

This incident happened at around 3 p.m. and the woman was walking on the street before she was unexpectedly attacked by a man. The man tried to rape her and she screamed for help, which attracted many passerby approaching to see what happened. But they did not help and just took out phones to record.

People surrounded were unwilling to offer help but they shot the video./Online Photo

Local police arrived at the scene after they got the call. The man was beating the woman until the police controlled him. The woman's hands and neck were badly bruised.

Someone uploaded the video to the Internet and many people criticized that the video makers had a heart of stone and they shall also be blamed for the crime.

Police controlled the man./Online Photo