Indonesian man raped female dog twice and tied up its limbs until it died

What's wrong with the man?

An Indonesian construction worker in Penang, Malaysia was suspected of raping a female dog twice. He even tied up the dog's limbs and sexually assaulted the animal that was pregnant until it died. The dead body was abandoned in the grass.

Some netizens have uncovered the incident posted photos of the dead body on social media. Many people witnessed how the man raped the pregnant dog and they believed that the dog lost its babies because of being raped. 

Photo of the dead body posted by netizens./Onine Photo

They also suspected that the man raped the dog once again and he even tied up the dog's limbs to prevent it from escaping, which eventually led to its death.

Ross, the deputy director with Penang municipal police, said that they received a call from a woman on 24th, January. The woman saw an Indonesian man held a dog that kept barking behind a cafe.

The man hastily pulled on his pants and fled after he found someone watching. Actually, the woman had heard the bark two days ago. Later, she found a dead dog whose limbs were tied up and anus was bleeding when she came to the backyard of the cafe to pick up cardboard box. 

According to Ross, the woman suspected that the dog was sexually assaulted by the same person. But there was no witness at the second time, the police could not identify the suspect yet.