UK authorities offer £5,000 reward to find who dumped severely injured dead dogs imported for illegal fights

Three severely injured dogs were discovered dead at a countryside road ignited an investigation with a £5,000 reward offered by the UK authorities. 

Three dogs are mastiffs and a bulldog found horrifically abused near the village of Cranfield, between Milton Keynes and Bedford. They are observed to have involved in dogfighting and found with cropped ears and filed teeth, which are often found in illegal sport.

Nearby vet experts proved all three dogs are with foreign microchips, which are supposed to be imported to join fights.

After members of the League Against Cruel Sport were noticed the incident, they decided to offer a £5,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns, said they suspected these poor animals had suffered serious physical and mental suffering while being torn apart in illegal dog fights.

"We're determined to expose and help prevent dog fighting in the UK and we are asking for people to contact out Animal Crimewatch team with any information on this dreadful incident," he said. "Dogs involved in dog fighting suffer terrible injuries, both in the fights themselves and at the hands of their vicious owners. Most will die in the ring or soon after from their injuries."

He also revealed that for other dogs that can no longer fight, the criminals would often brutally dispatch them. He added that the League would try to stop dog fighting in the UK. 

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman appealed, "Anyone with information about the grisly discovery, which happened at about 11pm on Tuesday, should call 01483 361108 or email crimewatch@league.org.uk."

Dog fighting was actually banned in the UK in 1835, but the dead dogs show illegal fights of dogs are still existing.