54 severed human hands were found in Siberia river

Some people suspect that the hands came from black markets body parts but the authority says....

A fisherman in Siberia was shocked to discover a human hand near a river, which led the local police to find a bag full of gruesome human hands. 

Photos of 27 pairs of human hands, severed at the wrist have raised many suspicions. Investigators can only identify fingerprints from one of the 27 pairs of hands. The other hands' previous owners remain in mystery.

Some people guessed the hands could have been cut off as punishment for thefts. Another suspicion says the hands came from illegal body parts dealers.

However, according to local reports, a government agency responsible for criminal investigations provides a less dramatic account. Those hands appear to have been improperly discarded by a forensics lab.

In fact, medical bandages and plastic hospital-style shoes were discovered near the hands.  Further investigation is ongoing.