Three-leg Chinese baby finishes surgery to remove extra limb

This is a miracle to the family!

A very rare condition happened to a Chinese baby that he had three legs in his body. 

The 11-month-old baby, nicknamed Xiao Fei, had three legs which surgeons said the extra one didn't belong to him, but his partially formed parasitic twin. The case occurs in around one in a million live births. 

According to local reports, Xiao Fei's family come from Xinjiang in western China. His mother didn't find Xiao Fei's parasitic twin since she had not done regular pregnancy checks. She looked for treatments across China after giving birth to him. They were finally admitted into the Shanghai Public Health Clinica.

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Xiao Fei underwent a 10-hour complex operation at a hospital in Shanghai on Mondy to remove the middle leg without function.

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Surgeon Chen Qiu described Xiao Fei's operation as "highly complicated". To keep Xiao Fei's right leg, which was shaped like a hand and could not function properly, doctors tried to transplant the foot on the extra leg onto his right leg.

Except for the extra limb, the baby had also suffered from a series of other illnesses, including an undescended testicle, abdominal hernia and congenital heart disease.

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The director of the Department of Urology of the hospital, Bao Juan, said surgeons would bring Xiao Fei's right testicle down from the abdomen to its normal place in the same operation.

The operation started from 10 am and finished at 7:35 pm. Doctors claimed it a success.

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Xiao Fei's father Ma Xiaolong thanks to hospital, "I thank the doctors very much. I was so nervous sitting outside the surgery room, but now after I see my child, I'm not nervous anymore."

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