Teenage who sold her virginity for £2 million in 2016 claims 'it never happened' and only gimmick of website

This is quite confusing. 

Do you still remember the striking auction of a Romanian teenage selling virginity through a notorious website called Cinderella Escorts in 2016?

Aleexandar Kefren, who is now 19, revealed in an interview of This morning in 2016 about what was she thinking when making the decision to sell her virginity, which should be most treasurable for most girls. 

Aleexandar described herself coming from a poor place and she wanted to go to Oxford Universtiy and provide a home to her parents when she saw a movie 'Indecent Proposal' on TV in which a girl sold herself for a million a night, so she thought she could do so. 

Cinderella Escorts announced that the Romanian teenager, meaning Aleexandar, had sold her virginity for a staggering €2.3 million (£2m) with an initial bidding pricing $1 million (£700,000) in March, 2017. 


Cinderella Escorts

Cinderella Escorts

A year later, Aleexandar came out and said it was a publicity gimmick for the website to attract young girls or women to do sex work by making a belief they can earn easy money. 

She said in an interview with the porn site Sugercookie, the auction "never" happened. Aleexandar told she was approached by Cinderella Escorts on social media about a "marketing proposal" which could allegedly help her modelling career and turn her into a celebrity.

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The innocent woman believed her family in Romania would never find out but after attending on This morning which has a global audience, she lost her family friends. She said the stunt has ruined her life.

The owner of the website has denied her accusation that the auction was a publicity stunt to lure young women into sex work. 

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Zakobielski, the spokesman of the site told the media, "Talk about girls who make allegations against us are just not existent.

He added, "We never in our history have had a single report against us."

However, Zakobielski did confirm that Aleexandra never met the unnamed businessman from Hong Kong because he discovered pictures Aleexandra with her rapper boyfriend on Instagram. 

Instagram photo

Instagram photo

Instagram photo

Maybe only God knows who's telling the truth.