Plastic waste found full of dead sea turtle's stomach after autopsy

Look what humans have done to nature!

Thailand’s marine officials reported that a sea turtle was discovered washed ashore and died near Chonburi’s Lamchabang Port, in Thailand on Wednesday, two days after it landed and received treatments.  

According to the information of the autopsy, plastic waste was found full of the turtle's stomach, including rubber bands, nylon ropes, plastic bags and loose pieces of fishing gear, etc. 

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

The vet said the massive waste made the creature lose its appetite and suffer low levels of protein in its bloodstream, leading to cysts for a heart failure at last. 

Thai government and corporates have worked together to reduce pollution for a while. Plastics and styrofoams are now banned in Thai National Parks and "Straw on Request" policy has been deployed that 30 restaurants agree to provide a straw to customers only when they request it. 

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

Just a few weeks ago, a whale has bee died for swallowing too much plastic waste and was found in Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand.