Woman in London verbally insults driver who accidentally closed door as she was boarding

This is too rude and unacceptable!

This is a disgusting moment a female passenger verbally insults a London bus driver after he accidentally closes the door as she tries to board. 

The video captured by a witness who was near the bus stop outside a tube station and was posted on YouTube later. 

Without hearing every word clearly, a few vicious cursings still be pops up and was recorded in the video. The woman shouted at the driver, "just drive the bus, this c***** little pathetic job you have.

"You have not achieved anything in your life. You have nothing to your name. No credentials, no academics, no nothing. I know about you."

Video screencap

Video screencap

Video screencap

It's not clear how the driver replied the rude passenger, but the volume he speaks reflects his angry emotion. 

Claire Mann, Director of Bus Operations, said, "Everyone has the right to go about their work without fear or intimidation. This behaviour is unacceptable. We do not tolerate, in any way, abuse against our staff.

"Thankfully this type of incident is rare. Our dedicated Workplace Support Team is always available to support bus drivers if an incident does happen and along with the police, will work tirelessly to bring perpetrators to justice."