为保护妻儿在家过复活节 陈智燊回忆出国时光






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ℍ Who doesn’t love being out in the sun! Just before his first birthday, we took Damon on his first holiday abroad. He loved being outdoors, on the beach, in the pool... he is indeed a very lucky baby! We would love to go out this Easter Weekend, especially with the weather so nice! But looking after Sarah and Damon, protecting them means the whole family has to be very disciplined and make simple sacrifices. I’ve picked up enough groceries for the week so we’ll be staying home for the long weekend... watching a lot of @Netflix hahaha @RahRahSong #BabyDamon #StayHome #StayCalm #StaySafe #StayHealthy #StayPositive #LookAfterYourself #LookAfterEachOther #KeepUpTheHardWork P.S. We do spend all afternoon on the balcony, so we’re very lucky to be able to stay home but have a little time kind of outdoors.

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