非洲女孩长发编出“艺术品” 受设计师青睐拍品牌宣传


拉埃蒂茨亚•凯是一位来自非洲的发型艺术家。(Laetitiaky Instagram图片)

不少女孩子拥有一头美丽秀发,更会深入研究各种发型,如编发的技巧,以求让自己以亮丽形象示人。但原来编发不止可以让女性改变造型,更可成为艺术品,甚至传达信息。非洲有位女孩便利用编发技术将自己的头发编为“艺术品”,在网上大热,更引来国际知名设计师马克•雅克布斯(Marc Jacobs)的目光,希望女孩能为他的品牌拍摄宣传照。

将头发编成手部相片令凯名声大噪。(Laetitiaky Instagram图片)

这位女孩是拉埃蒂茨亚•凯(Laetitia Ky),一名来自非洲科特迪瓦的发型艺术家。她以黑人与生俱来的“挛毛头”特质,将头发编起,并以线辅助成型,做出各种各样的有趣造型。她在2016年起将编发照片上传至社交媒体,2017年一张将头发变成手部造型的相片令她声名大噪。

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Creating those images for @marcjacobs was a pure time of joy. Inspiration will be always at its max when you love the product you promote ! I am in love with all my new bags and #thetotebag is my new favorite ! 😊😊😊 #marcjacobs

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凯的相片在网上大热,更令她受知名设计马克•雅克布斯(Marc Jacobs)青睐,邀请她为品牌推出的三款时尚包拍摄宣传照,更授意她可以随心所欲发挥创意。凯对收到邀请十分惊喜,也形容是“梦想成真”,而给予她信任,让她可自由地创作,更令她觉得是很棒的收获。

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I was born and raised in Africa, in Ivory Coast. And even if I always knew what racism was, it's only very late in my life that I was confronted to it. And again I lived it in its sweetest forms. Many times I have been afraid for my life because I am a woman, but never because I am black. But all over the world people who look like me die unjustly, are imprisoned unjustly, are mistreated, discriminated in all aspects of life just for their skin color. This does not happen only in the United States. Adama a young 24 year old man was killed in france by a police officer and his last words was the same as George Floyd "i cant breath"... Violence against black people, murder of my people happen in every non black country... enough is enough. I have big dream that go further than the borders of my country. Now im afraid to die while i will be abroad chasing my dream just cause im black. It shouldnt be one of my scare. I am a woman and i will never stop fighting for women rights BUT IM ALSO BLACK and from now i will fight like one. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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除了各种有趣造型外,凯也会利用编发技术表达身为非裔女性的经历及对社会时事发声。因她发现自己的编发艺术可传递一些讯息,让观赏者有所启发。如她早前将头发编织成“BLM”标语(Black Lives Matter:黑人的命也是命),表达对黑人的支持。有些黑人女性曾私讯称凯让她们对自己的肤色及头发更有自信,凯称希望可继续以自己的力量让非洲人及黑人对自己的种族感到骄傲。