与丈夫天堂重聚 罗琳华伦含笑离世享年92岁


电影《诡屋惊凶实录》(The Conjuring)系列中华伦夫妇原型人物、超自然现象研究者罗琳华伦(Lorraine Warren)于昨日(19日)离世,享年92岁。



罗琳华伦的孙儿Chris McKinnell回应传媒谓:“昨晚我的祖母罗琳华伦安详地离开了我们,与她心爱的爱德华重逢。她很开心,一直到最后都带微笑。”片中饰演罗琳的Vera Farmiga、同片演员Patrick Wilson与导演温子仁等均发文哀悼。

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(Photo from the set of The Conjuring, 2012) Really saddened by the news of Lorraine Warren’s passing. She was truly one of the sweetest, loving and caring person I’ve ever met — beaming with the brightest spirit. I feel very fortunate to have met her, gotten to know her and her wonderful family, and I’m truly honoured to have been the one to showcase a slice of her incredible life story to the world. For someone who spent her whole life dealing with the afterlife, she gave me the impression she was never fazed by death. Maybe it’s knowing that there’s something more after our time is over on this earth. My condolences and love to her family. There’ll never be another Lorraine Warren. She was truly one of a kind. She’s with Ed now. In heaven. Onto their next adventure.

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