A cat shorn of hair faced the wall, frustrated and sulky

Many owners like to shear their pets in summer to let them cool off, but many of these shorn pets actually need quite a bit of time to adjust to their new look, and the psychological impact could drive them to despair.



A Taiwan netizen took his cat for shearing, but found a violent reaction in the pet. It turned quiet and kept facing the wall as if in silent protest. Netizens are both saddened and amused by the post.



The post shows the shorn cat now has a bare body with hair only around the head, sitting silently and unhappily in front of the wall. Saddened by the sight, the owner exclaims: “My dear child, the shearing is aimed at making you feel cooler.”



In the space of two days after the posting, there were close to 20,000 ‘likes’ online, with a range of responses:


“I feel a frontal shot would show it is devastated.”


“In facing the wall, it’s showing its displeasure.”


“Cat: Leave me alone. Let me cool off.”


“The little darling may feel cool physically, but it hurts in the heart.”


“This is the end. It may pack up while you’re asleep.”


“What a melancholy silhouette!”