AV actress Lily’s tragic life revealed by netizens

Recently, Japanese AV actress Lily broadcasted her attempt to commit suicide by swallowing pills. She was saved by her agent. According to netizens’ sources, her mental condition has long been unstable after some tragic incidents. She has publicly accused the agency of cheating money out of her, and has encountered sexual violence from her ex-boyfriend, resulting in loss of fertility.

At the age of 22, Lily made her debut in the AV scene in 2013. She was quite popular with her sweet appearance and curvaceous body figure. However, she changed agency three times, criticizing the companies on social media for not doing any promotion for her and being underpaid. She even announced her retirement without the company’s consent.

Later, she reached an agreement with the company and continued to be an AV actress. But on last Wednesday, She tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills during a live broadcast. A renowned Taiwanese AV reviewer heard it and contacted her agent immediately, saving her from death. She is now recuperating.

Netizens said that Lily leads a tragic life, as both her career and relationship are on a bumpy road. It was known that she offends a lot of people in the AV industry. For relationship, she mentioned before on social media that she had encountered sexual violence from her ex-boyfriend, resulting in lost fertility, She had also spent a lot of money on him, forcing her to embark on the road to ruins.