Bank robbers who dug tunnels to a bank vault are stopped in their tracks by Brazilian Police

If the crime had gone to plan, it would have been the largest ever bank robbery in the world.

Brazilian Police have discovered a 500-meter long tunnel in the southern part of São Paulo that goes all the way to a bank vault, in a major operation resembling a movie scene. The police have arrested 16 suspects.

São Paulo police force says, they started surveillance of the area after receiving reliable intelligence three months ago. The criminal gang completed the digging of the tunnel on September 27th, the whole operation was done with just wooden and metal sticks. The tunnel is only tall enough for one person to stand. After ascertaining where the tunnel led to, the authorities took decisive action and made the arrests.

The gang invested 4 million real in total (approximately 1.27 million USD). Every criminal who took part in it each paid 2 hundred thousand real, and attempted to steal 1 thousand million real  (approximately 317 million USD) The police have subsequently uprooted the criminal organization in a warehouse in the northern part of São Paulo city, and arrested 16 suspects, with 4 people still at large.