[Caution!] ‘Ghost crying’ when corpse was carried down hill, science can explain

At a recent forum, a Taiwanese netizen shared a creepy encounter: His relative who patrols the mountains has to carry the corpse of victims down hill. He once heard a corpse cry which scared him half to death. You may think this is another ghost story, but actually ‘ghost crying’ is a phenomenon that can be explained by science.

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According to his relative, when someone is found dead in the mountains, he has to carry the corpse down hill. Usually, he just carries it on his back or fixes it on the back pack with a supportive frame. One time, when he carried a youngster’s corpse down hill, he heard a crying sound from behind all the way. He was scared and prayed. At last, he got back home safe and sound.

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Most netizens who read this story commented that it was scary. However, some netizens who know anatomy pointed out that when the lungs or throat of the dead are pressured, they will give out a ‘whining’ sound.

Anatomical experts have also shared videos on the phenomenon of ‘ghost crying’ on social media. They pointed out that preservation prevents the corpse from rotting quickly, but if there was over-application of preservatives, they may run out from the mouthof the deceased. As such, the undertaker will press the throat of the corpse lightly, to clear any preservatives that are stuck at the throat and respiratory tract. When gas or liquid pass through the vocal cord, it will create sounds similar to whining – that explains the ‘ghost crying’ phenomenon.