First suspected battery issue of iPhone 8 in China

The first case of Apple's new iPhone popping caused by a bloated battery has been reported in state media in China, which shared the greatest market of iPhone users while descending sales are expected after the incident.

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Apple said that they are investigating the issue but similar cases of are also reported in Taiwan and Japan. 

A website reported that an iPhone buyer Liu said that his newly bought iPhone 8 Plus cracked open on 5 Oct with no sign of overheating or exploding.

Liu bought the iPhone through the online marketplace JD.com Inc. He said he didn't charge the device and returned it to the seller.

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An Apple's spokesperson said they are looking into the matter and declined to comment.

iPhone 8 is the phone which comes 10 years after Apple released the first version of the revolutionary phone, which makes the incident indifferent. 

Some other buyers worry about if their pre-orders were alright and many of the fans are still waiting for premium iPhone X brought onto the market in early November.

Photo via Apple

Photo via Apple

Two customers in Asia earlier claimed the model's Plus split at the seams after it had been charged. 

Apple is said to be looking into the issue. It is still unknown that whether these are isolated incidents or the problem of a load.

An online Video showed a Taiwanese customer's rose gold handset has split along the top and sides. 

Another Japanese user also shared images to Twitter claiming that the screen separated from the body of the device.

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However, many reports and worries of the issues are proved fake upon further investigation. It is said that slight variations in the device can be counted as manufacturing defects which are common to most new devices.

Even some negative messages, Apple is still one of the leading companies of smartphones.