Hidden cams reveals what animals do when no one is watching

Hunters love setting up trail cameras in remove area to automatically capture photos when it senses motions. 

Below are some fun and unexpected pictures from the cameras.

One, two...no, but three!

Photo by jalogan1

Raccoons' party time!

Photo via reddit.com

Oh, poor rabbit!

Photo by fieldandstream

Is it a "draft" deer?

Photo via Outdoors Weekly

What a pose!

Photo via Facebook

Emmmm....what are you doing there?

Photo by deerfly

I can think of Timon and Pumbaa!

Photo by jajison

Night Flight Club!

Photo by Cuddeback Digital

Watch out, bull! Someone is looking at you!

Photo via earthtouchnews.com

Beautiful head accessory!

Photo by multijanus

Are they humans?

Photo by whatinthesafe

Photo by jdaher

Two verse one? Come on!

Photo via Taintertots


How sweet they are!

Photo by Florida Fish and Wildlife