Tamed elephants betrayed human master to attack village

A village in Ayeyawady Region of Myanmar has been attacked by wild elephants who ate plantations and ruined houses. The government staff sent two tamed elephants to help but the two betrayed human trainers and joined the village devastation. 

According to villagers, on October 16, six wild elephants stormed villages near Nankathu Dam  and destroyed houses and paddy plantations.
 The Forest Department tried to drive out the wild elephants by using two tamed elephants. But the tamed elephants joined the wild elephants, increasing their number to eight, which destroyed over 100 acres of fields and seven houses.

“We have never seen wild elephants come into our region,” said Kanyutkwin villager Phoe Khwei, age 60. “It is impossible to see elephants outside the village. But now, wild elephants have arrived in our village and they ate our paddy plantations.”

 Afterwards, although locals tried to scare them by bamboo bonfires, they kept coming back.