Send sex workers to frontline? Australian captain's opinion astonished netizens

An Australian captain suggests sending sex workers to the frontline base to relieve the soldiers' stress. The extreme opinion surprises many netizens.

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Captain Sally Williamson has published an article named’ Sex and War’ in the official land force forum. She says “improving sex and interactive environment of sex help improve the condition of soldiers who are diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The captain explained that letting soldiers have sex under a safe and controllable environment is feasible. It can also help relieve their loneliness and living pressure from lacking support of families, friends and partners.

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“The land force can sign a contract with female sex workers to provide services for soldiers in the frontline,” she said. Considering the safety problem of sex workers, she suggests to provide sex toy for further safe and regulated sex satisfaction.

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Meanwhile, she insists that related parties and captains are too conservative regarding this topic. They are not willing to even discuss it. She believes if the suggestion is not accepted, then the team will stick to the wrong direction forbidding sex.

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The article has been deleted though it has led to furious discussions online. Former army and a conservative party member Bernie Gaynor said her opinion is too scary. “In the wake of sex scandal a few years ago in the military academy, I can't believe that a captain would be making such suggestions.”