Dumped on streets, girl scantily clad with scratch marks

Scantily clad, half-conscious and with scratch marks on her body, a young girl was found dumped in in front of a cinema in Taichung city of Taiwan.

Online Photo

An online community on Facebook named ‘Spill it Community’ posted a video that showed a girl looking dishevelled.

She had been dumped on the street in front of a Taichung cinema. There were blood stains on the ground, and there were scratches on the girl’s body. Someone saw a guy with her when they arrived, but he drove away after going to the toilet without calling the police. He claimed that he didn't know the girl.

Online Photo

The police later arrived after receiving a report of the incident. They suspected that the girl was drunk and got hurt when getting off the car. They found some clothes for her and sent her to the hospital. Her mother later called the police to say thank you, explaining that her daughter had drunk too much at the meal of a friend of a friend. She didn't have any intention to sue anyone.