Spider horror! Insects invade Australian quarters

Poisonous redback spiders are on the rampage in the Australian state of Victoria after recent downpours, prompting residents to take precautions.

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The state has been suffering from storms at the beginning of December, prompting an insect rampage at homes.A Warrnambool resident shared a photo of 8 redback spiders (Latrodectus hasselti) online with the comment “When residents living in the Victoria State welcome the first rain in summer”.

Poisonous redback spiders/Online Photo

Under humid and warm weather conditions, many insects are found near the sea and shrubs, and nearby houses must install screens for protection. These eight spiders were found on the windowsill.

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Residents said they usually brushed off the insects at home. But to avoid any accidents this time, they killed them with insecticide. “They love hiding. I was bitten before and it was just so painful,” the resident said.

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Latrodectus hasselti loves living in the roof, shelves, plants and the floor, where conditions are warm but dark. Many fatal incidents had happened before due to spider bites. An expert said the extreme weather in the state recently provides the ideal environment for them and they may become more active in trying to find a partner. “Go check your basement, walls and shed!”