23-year-old Thai man kills his father during Father's Day lunch

A 23-year-old Thai man who confessed to the police that he killed his father during their family lunch on 5 Dec was arrested. 


Thawatchai Meekaew, killed his father Thongjom, 57, since the father asked him to drink less. 

 The investigation found Thongjom called his five children to celebrate the national holiday, Thai Father's Day, at his home in Bo Thong.

They started drinking and Thongjom scolded Thawatchai for his drinking habits and the concerned father was afraid for his son losing the job.

Ignited by his father's comments, Thawatchai kicked his father on the nape of his neck, causing him to collapse. His elder tried to stop him but Thawatchai kept beating Thongjom. 

The family sent the father to hospital but he was not survived. 

He was charged with malicious killing and detained by the police. He felt guilty about his crime and the harshest punishment will be life imprisonment.