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CCTV captured Amazon female courier pooped in front of other's house

An American boy from California had a CCTV footage that showed an Amazon female courier pooped in front of his house and left without cleaning up. He was so angry that he uploaded the video online and requested for a proper explanation from Amazon.

Living in Sacramento, the boy Nemy Bautista posted on social media last month saying “Amazon, why did your driver squat outside my house? Let me give you a hint: she was not tying her shoelaces.” The attached video showed the female courier squatted and pooped using the side door as cover. Afterwards, she ran back to the car and drove away immediately.

Bautista said Amazon sent the courier’s supervisor over to clean up and apologized five hours later after receiving the complaint. However, the supervisor just used a bag to pick the waste up.

When Bautista asked her not to throw it in his rubbish bin, he simply laid it next to the bin and left, leaving him to pick it and bin it himself. Eventually, Amazon sent him a gift card as recompense and fired the courier.