Defeating a shark, Australian got protest for taking victory photos

An Australian went fishing in a canoe and hooked a shark which he landed after a 3-hour struggle. Though he stressed that he would set it free after taking photos, his action led to many protests from netizens.

Kruz Mettner, who lives in Port Samson, in the northern part of West Australia, went to Dampier for fishing with his friends. After 300 meters out to sea, he used a codfish head as bait and soon hooked a shark that measured 4.1 meters long. This marked the commencement of a three-hour long struggle between man and fish.

“I was the only one in this exhausting ordeal with the big one. My two friends were busy with capturing it on video, and only helped me get the shark ashore,” he said. He said that female shark was powerful as it broke his fishing rod. He emphasized that he doesn't like eating seafood and always let everything go after fishing. Local neighbors said he doesn't smoke or drink. He has nothing to do other than fishing.

The three-hour struggle with shark didn't gain the approval from netizens. Many of them commented that he was hurting the shark. “I wish you would be dragged to the sea by a shark in future so that you know how they feel. And that's called retribution,” a netizen commented.