Shocking video shows couple having sex on popular beach in Australia

Imagine when you are sunbathing on the popular beach like Henley Beach in Adelaide, you see a couple doing inappropriate things beside you. What would you do?

A witness chose to capture it down the moment and shared it with the world. So a shocking video showing a couple having sex at Henley Beach in Adelaide was disclosed. 

The video shows a woman wearing the bottom part of a bikini sits on a man and he caresses her crotch in the public area in the daytime.

Even though it seems there is no one around them but their act was posted online and accumulated 100,000 views. Many netizens criticized and make jokes about them.

"Clearly the lass had a bucket list ... let's be honest though she could have at least brought a tent? Or umbrella?" said one of the comments. 

"At least get in the water and pretend you're just having a 'cuddle'", said another comment.