Sexy girl calmed furious driver after crashing into his car

Hot ladies get advantages in all kinds of situations........

A female driver in a red Ferrari failed to brake in time and crashed into the car in front at Xunliao Bay in Guangdong. The furious driver turned courteous when he discovered the Ferrari driver was a sexy girl.

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The driver of the white Honda that was hit got out immediately and wanted to raise hell with the culprit. But she was not willing to open the door or come out until the police came.

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Dressed in a sexy black tank top unveiling her waist, she had long red hair reaching down to her waist. The high heels she was wearing might be the cause of the failure to brake in time.

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In the end, there was no ugly scene, and the aggrieved driver asked for her contact and agreed to settle the compensation after getting quotes for the repair.