Song Ji Hyo explained marriage rumor with Kim Jong Kook

Song Ji Hyo knows she is said to fall for Kim Jong Kook and even get married. But her reply is.......

Audiences are prone to imagine romantic relationship between beloved artists. In the popular variety show 'Running Man', Soong Ji Hyo is said to fall for Kim Jong Kook after Gary getting married. She talked about this saying in the latest episode. 

Recently in the show, Song Ji Hyo frankly said that she knows audiences are imagining a 'love line' between Kim Jong Kook and her and some people even think they are married. 

However,  other members couldn't help laughing after hearing this news. What's more, Jee Seok Jin assured that they are not in love with each other, and if they do, 'I will give you all my property!'

Jee Seok Jin's hilarious reaction amused others. Haha even joked that: 'You two can pretend to date and acquire Haha's property!'