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Kangaroo found lying outside of public toilet in seductive pose

Like my posture?

Tourist Sandrina Duniau, who spent two weeks traveling around Australia with a friend, encountered an amorous red kangaroo striking seductive poses before the entrance of a public toilet in the scenic John Forrest National Park in Perth, Western Australia.

kangaroo(caters news agency)

This red kangaroo lay casually on the floor with its muscled robust stature, just like a sexy lady waiting for someone to adore her and saying 'How do I look like?' or a man proudly displaying his muscle.

Impressed by this hilarious and unbelievable scene, Sandrina Duniau decided not to disturb this adorable creature to enjoy its leisure time and took some photos of it without its notice. 

Sandrina Duniau (caters news agency)

kangaroo(caters news agency)