Philippines company offer vagina lightening procedure

It seems every part of the body can be whitened..........

Philippines people show how they value being white with a company offering a procedure to lighten women's vaginas, dubbed 'Angel whitening'.

A famous medical Group provides this service charging PHP50,000 (US$979) per session which takes around 30 minutes.

The company claims that only licensed practitioners are allowed to perform the treatment with laser technology.It is said that the procedure can not only whiten but also 'tighten, relax and clean' a woman's vagina. 

The company staff introduced the tightening procedure.

This isn’t the first procedure for vaginas in this company. It has been offering one called the FemiLift since 2014.  The procedure takes about 10 minutes to tighten the vagina so that women 'feel like virgins again.'

Coincidentally, a Thailand company also provide a procedure to whitens penises but it later found to be ineffective and could cause possible infection.