Instagram's belfie queen escorted off by American Airlines says she is NOT confrontational person

Do you believe her?

Instagram's belfie queen, Jen Selter, 24, has been escorted off a flight with her sister by five police officers when taking a plane of  American Airlines last month. 

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

The 24-year-old social idol had an argument with a flight crew member 90 minutes after the flight from a New York was grounded on January 27. She stood up to stretch but a crew member told her to sit down and asked if she wanted to be kicked off the flight.

Selter said the flight had arrived the Miami airport and stayed for 90 minutes for mechanical issues. She said she just tried to stand up to stretch and put her jacket in the overhead compartments. 

When the crew member approached her and asked her to sit, she followed what they said and sit. 

Photo via Twitter

"I sat down when he asked," said Selter, and when being asked if she was kicked off by the airline company, she admitted, "I said, 'Yeah,' clearly being sarcastic."

She described the experience was a nightmare. 

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

Selter said the crew member went and talked to the pilot and before she knew that five police officers were going to the flight to dump her, as well as her sister, out of the plane. 

Selter captured the incident on camera and shared it online. It has since become viral.  She wrote on her post, "I'm not a confrontational person" and "I did not start the whole argument. It's crazy that an innocent person can be treated this way."