Rare blue bobcat, not seen for a century, is killed by hunter for fun

Another victim of human greed.

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A rare blue bobcat, not seen in over a century, was murdered for fun in Grimes County, Texas, U.S. It was heartbreaking when the photos of its body went viral on Facebook.

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A few photos of a blue bobcat were recently shared by Facebook page Cecil the Lion. As the pictures shown, the blue bobcat was obviously dead with wounds in the chest and forefeet. What's more, an armed hunter showed in one of the pictures, who has been suspected to be the murder.

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The bobcats are not the rare animals in America, but the dead bobcat in this case was not the normal one. It got the blue rare hair, not like the usual brown ones.

The hunter-poser, NRA and average Trump supporter writes gleefully at his kill: "Really cool bobcat. This color phase is actually called Maltese or a blue variety that is very rare. According to the Hudson Bay Fur Company, only a few bobcats of the blue variety were bought between 1700 and 1900. There have been no reports of a blue bobcat in over 100 years until this one that was killed in Grimes County in 2016."

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Many netizens felt heart-broken and criticized such behavior for hunting animals for fun. Some even blamed the hunter and said, "this is really piss me off!"