3,000 men gather at Chinese hotel to meet woman who claimed herself wanted for sex and did it for free online

This is not funny! No kidding!

A woman from Hainan Province left a message on WeChat, saying: "Somebody come get me… sex… for free… 6316." Around three thousands men then showed up to the address given by her. 

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The woman, named herself Qianjin Yeye, took provocative pictures and videoes posted online with her exact address – the Hilton Hotel in Sanya City’s Haitang Bay. She then posted some flirty messages to lure the male netizens.

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The posts went viral quickly. Mass of people arrived to the address she provided and some rented Room 6315 to try to listen what would happen in another room. 

It's said that almost 3,000 men gathered at the hotel and made Qianjin Yeye scare. She stayed in the room and posted again, "I'm gonna cry. Please stop circulating. I was just kidding." and "Don't send among friends and groups. I was really just kidding."

Online photo

Online photo

The hotel called the police, filing an official complaint against the guest, but the woman had already checked out and disappeared before the officials arrived at 10 pm. 

The police statement said she was found at a hotel at Sanya Phoenix International Airport on 2 March and arrested on prostitution charges and disrupting the Hilton Hotel's operations.

She was jailed for 15 days and fined 500 RMB, as well as her WeChat accounts, were suspended.