Chinese gymnast snapped her legs at a shocking angle in unsuccessful landing

Hope that she will recover soon.

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The 2018 American Cup gymnastics competition took place in Chicago, the United States. On behalf of China, Mao Yi, the 19-year-old female gymnast, competed in Women's Vault. However, when she performed the backward somersault layout with two turns to stand, an accident happened. She fractured her left thigh bone in an unsuccessful landing. The audiences were totally shocked since Mao's left leg was twisted at a striking angle.

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From the video, it can be seen that Mao rushed forward after taking a deep breath. She finished a perfect somersault after stepping at the springboard and successfully performed a two-backward somersault tucked with 1/1 turn. However, she failed in landing steadily. Her left leg was broken into a horrific angle, which brought her severe anguish.

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Mao was taken away on a stretcher./Video Screenshot

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Her coach rushed into the arena immediately and tried to distract her by encouraging her constantly. The medical team arrived rapidly and took the first aid measures. Mao was then taken away on a stretcher to a local hospital. The audiences burst into applause encouraging Mao to be brave.

FIG president Morinari Watanabe(right) visited Mao Yi in hospital./via Twitter@FIG

According to doctors, Mao's thigh bone was broken but she had undergone a successful surgery. And she would be able to walk with the aid of crutches in a few days. After four to six weeks, she is expected to take part in training.