Malaysian man dismembers Chinese wife, leaving only the head in river

Constant indulgence in gambling erodes one's life.

A 42-year-old Chinese Malaysian was suspected of killing his 31-year-old Chinese wife on 3rd March. He dismembered her with a chainsaw and threw the head into the river, which was found by a fisherman next day. After the investigation, the police arrested the suspect and found the remains parts of the victim in a refrigerator at home. They also found a big pot which might have been used to boil the body.

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The incident happened in Sarawak, Malaysia. The local police received a call from a fisherman who said he found a woman trapped in mud of the Yoruba River and only her head could be seen on March 3rd. When the police officers arrived at the spot and tried to pull the woman out, they found that there was only a woman head and her body was missing.

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The police investigated and then confirmed that the deceased was 31-year-old Chinese woman Yang Qian, and they presumed that she had not been killed more than 24 hours. The police arrested the husband of the dead on 6th March. 

It is reported that Yang Qian had been imprisoned and mistreated for several days before her death. On 2nd March, her husband murdered her and dismembered her with a chainsaw and threw the head into the river. He then hide the remains of the body in the refrigerator and planned to boil the body in a big pot.

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Police said that the man is in a lot of debt due to gambling and so far they are investigating the motives of him to kill his wife. It is reported that the man was a medical expert. He married Yang Qian in 2011 and had two children.

Yang Jinshui, the father of  Yang Qian, who failed to contact his daughter for many days, went from China to Malaysia to search for his daughter but only to learn that she was killed.

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